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Research & Development

MARTINSYSTEM is also a state-of-the art design offi ce in technology. Its research has meant that even the ‘craziest’ challenges demanded by customers have been overcome, for example:

  • Animal welfare (SSC)
  • The smallest remote control device (Finger Kick)
  • The smallest collar (Micro Trainer, Chameleon)
  • Extraordinary ranges for dog training

Plus, a superb geolocation system in terms of range and size (the smallest GPS falcon transmitter).

The mission of the design offi ce does not stop there!
Based on the knowledge acquired, many projects have been successfully completed:

  • Push To Talk for Walkie-Talkies (security forces);
  • Remote control for a number of laboratory systems ;
  • Location of persons thanks to the MPS system.

Always on the lookout for new technologies, the research team is currently working on the area of security, of precise location, and on many other projects.

If you have a problem or a challenge to be solved, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will surely have an idea for you!